*Services Offered

My aim is to offer everyone a professional photography service that leaves you with beautiful, and creative images.  My goal is to give my clients an opportunity to tell their story and be photographed for exactly who they are, uplifting and something you can remember for a lifetime.

This is a celebration about celebrating who you are.

Whether you are young or old, all is welcomed to step out of reality to capture a moment in time that will be yours forever.  Enjoy and celebrate your life capturing your significant moments or fantasies that will be yours forever.

My professional services extend to whatever my clients might need.  At all times you are in complete control of the entire shot.  Suggestions will be made for both creativity and style, and never will my clients be obligated to do anything they are not comfortable with.

These photography sessions can be enhanced with special props and accessories, adding a sense of fun and creativity to your shoot.  I encourage my clients to bring any props that represent themselves, this will allow me to portray exactly who they are.  These additions will represent my clients as a person, and their individuality.  I will incorporate these props into the session and will work with my clients to create images that they will be proud of.  I will support my experience in creating a mood that will bring out feelings that will capture future memories.

View my various categories to pick what session you would like to experience.

Model Portfolios:  Launching a modeling career can be a bit tricky.  It is important to determine your model type and there are many different types of modeling.  (read….).  Early on you need to determine your type of modeling and have a good portfolio to go with it. 



Fitness Photography

The human body is the best work of art.  There is nothing more beautiful, dynamic and artistic in capturing someone who has given them self to a purpose of fitness.  My goal is to show the fire that burns deep inside ……

IMG_8033 - Version 2.jpg


Lifestyle:  The emphasis is given to suggesting the style of the living of the individual depicted.  Weight is given to communicate the feeling of life experience of the subject.  Lifestyle images evoke emotions in viewers by depiction of desired life styles.  Also lifestyle photography can be for those looking to add more dimensions in their life.



Traditional Portraits:  Usually taken in a Studio depicting a visual representation of that person.  The subject is expected to be looking directly at the camera.  This can be a head-shots, two thirds of the body or a full body framing.

Environmental Portrait:  This is an image where the subject is photographed in a person’s natural environment.  Such as a teacher in a classroom or a construction worker photographed at a construction zone.  Surroundings are used to compliment the subject and to emphasize ones’ character.


Headshots can be used to assist you in getting closer to your career goals.  Such as using your photos for business cards, comp cards for models, or for ones’ personal goals.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is a French word for a woman’s private room or bedroom.  In photography, it could be a bedroom, a hotel or somewhere that creates an intimate setting for classy and romantic images.  Every women deserves an opportunity to bring out her inner and outer beauty to reflect the most flattering poses that fit her body type.

Dudeoir Photography

This type of Photography is for men.  It is an intimate setting for masculine and tasteful type images regardless of body type.

Robert M..jpeg


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