Journey of Wellbeing and Diversity in America


September 29, 2017.  It has been a while since I have posted pictures continuously on Social Media.  As I have stated numerous times I am on a new journey to find my direction at this point in my life.  Many of the pictures I have been taking since early summer are in the process of getting published and/or are in the process of being considered for publication.  Therefore I cannot show most of my pictures until this process is completed.  (Soon those stories and pictures from my LA trip I will blog from last week.) 

I have also stated I had wanted to publish my own work first in the form of a book.  However in my journey, and through trials and tribulations, I have moved more towards an editorial documentary type publication in a form of a magazine.  I have started traveling, interviewing people, listening to their stories, documenting their stories and have been taking pictures, sharing part of their life in photos and in words.  The dual main themes of this editorial, is about the wellbeing and diversity in America.

Some of the people I have interviewed are (Instagram):

@anaheim_whitehouserestaurant – Sir Chef Bruno story on feeding hungry children with Pasta.

                         Pre-order his book, ‘The Power of Pasta’, on Amazon to feed children endorsed by actress, Sophia Loren.

@jakejensenofficial      Actor, Model, Writer, PhD, C-AASP Sport Psychology

@2smokingunz  – Instructor and Personal TrainerPlus more…

Since the end of last year, 2016, Americans have been reading or hearing stories about how this country is becoming divided because of the type of leadership we are seeing in our country’s capital.

What what I am hearing and reading are the many diverse groups of people stepping up and saying we will not tolerate this type of governance.  We will be heard, respected, allowed our inalienable rights, and allowed to be a free American by being who we are.

What I see more of in this country are people standing up or kneeling by voicing their opposition to prejudice, hate, racism, and lack of religious tolerance and sexual diversity.  And I see this country more engaged in standing/kneeling for what is right or what we as Americans need to strive for now, since the Vietnam War.

So, are we more divided, or are we as Americans really on the same page but voicing our diversity by showing this diversity as a clear asset for this country, and also by voicing our diversity by communicating what we believe is the right course of action and character for this nation.

Therefore, I am combining my love of story telling through my lens, and through the stories of people who have committed themselves to a healthier lifestyle whether is it in fitness, holistic health, community services, plus many other categories I have yet to discover.

My purpose is to show our diversity in its beauty.

Peace, Pray, Love Always

Rick Rusch –

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