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Since I was a little boy when I received my first point and shoot camera from Santa, I starting seeing life in a different perspective.  I remember onetime, only days after Christmas my family and I went to the Science Museum in Buffalo, NY.   It was a cold and a snowy day.  After we left the building on our way to the parking lot, there was a stonewall, dark gray, at least 60 years old, with rod iron spikes on the top of the wall.  I remember looking up, seeing a dark and gray sky, snow and ice on top of the rod iron, with the limbs of the tree over shadowing the wall, covered in ice.  I thought it was beautiful.  There was a peace and grace to this look that I saw.

From that time on, I could not get a camera out of my hands.

In most recent years, when I started to capture people, first starting out with cultural events, family groups, to children playing, street life and then later models, I friend and a former model once stated my work was a reflection of my fantasies.  He was so blunt about it that I was taken aback.  He was right!  I saw myself in many of the pictures I took.  I played both roles in my mind:  model and photographer creating art for others to enjoy.

My primary inspiration to take photos of models was because of my wife.  Prior to our marriage, my wife modeled for Ford Agency when Eileen Ford ran the company.  During that time, she had a private affair with a Doctor who helped her grow as a woman.  During this time, he had a photographer take photos of her, which by today’s standards are considered to be artistic.  They were beautiful pictures.  When she grew into her forties, these pictures where sold all over the world in a form of posters and post cards.  Her youth is now forever captured in time and this is why I take the type of pictures that I do.

Most everything I see in my daily life, is a picture.  What I see on a daily basis is all about art and life in a form of a picture.  I wish to capture only the beauty of life and to give others a sense of the best that this world can offer. 

Now days I have journeyed into photographing fitness and fashion models, capturing and supporting their journey and their passion of being a model.  Also I am on a journey to support the many companies to share their brand and vision of beauty.

Rick Rusch