Travels in Jerome, Arizona

Recently my good friend Anthony Royer and I traveled throughout northern Arizona hitting some landmarks. One of our stops were in Jerome which is a town in central Arizona located on top of Cleopatra Hill between Prescott and Flagstaff. It is the home to the historic copper mining town.

Once known as the wickedest town in the west, Jerome was a copper mining camp, growing from a settlement of tents to a roaring mining community.

Four disastrous fires destroyed large sections of the town during its early history, resulting in the incorporation go the City of Jerome in 1899; founded in 1976.

Jerome today, is a city full of old American architecture with many unique shops and restaurants. There are many choices of eating establishments, with great music in some of the saloons. Also the there is a winery to enjoy the local wine.

While there I couldn’t resist taking photos of some very unique style of old american architecture.