Types of Modeling

There are all different types of modeling, and each type has specific requirements.



Female Requirements:  The general requirements are that you be at least 5′8″ tall, and wear a size 3-5 dress. Also your bust should be a bit on the small size (no more than a ‘B’ cup), and your legs should be very long.   There is also a branch of runway knows PETITE runway.  This drops the height requirements to 5'5" with everything else following in proportion.  Some designers are now creating a special line for shorter women, and there is a growing demand for petite models.  Similar opportunities are now starting to open up for plus sized models.  Plus size models are between 5'8" to 6'2" and wear a size 10 to 18 size dress.

Male Requirements:  For fashion and editorial modeling, the requirements are more stringent.  There are very few fashion and editorial models under 5'8" and most are 5'10" and taller.  Male fashion/editorial models usually have to be at least 5'11".  

If you are thinking of becoming a male runway model, you will be expected to be in good shape.  This is because you will be expected to model shirtless from time to time and great abs can help sell anything.   Male models are deceiving fit.  they appear skinny in clothing, but muscular when shirtless.  The key is to be strong but not overly strong.  Male models will still be expected to fit into a 40 regular jacket.

For runway, male models need to be at least 5'11' and be as tall as 6'2".  In my experience talking and working with scouts, agents and agencies, in major U.S. cities and internationally, they want their male model to be no less than 6' tall and in some cases I have found in Europe, as tall as 6'1".  There are exceptions to this.  When searching for an agency, review their requirements on their website before presenting yourself to them.

Also the general weight for men is roughly 120 lbs. to 175 lbs


The demand for catalog models is increasing. A good catalog model should be able to fit into a ’standard size’ without alterations. Standard size varies from company to company, but the range is wider that that of runway models (where every designer uses the same standard body form). Height does not present a problem, as long as your body is well proportioned. There are also opportunities for petite and plus models here, too!

      Lingerie (Female)

The basic requirements for lingerie models are similar to those of catalog models, with the exception that fuller-breasted women may have an edge. Again, petite and plus size models have  opportunities in this area. 

      Swimwear and Underwear

Very similar to lingerie, expect to have a dynamite tan.  If necessary, you may be required to go to a tanning salon for a complete body spray.


Opportunities for both catalog and editorial work. If you work out a lot, have good muscle definition and have good flexibility, then this might be for you.  Here again, it maybe necessary to go to a tanning salon for a complete body spray.


If you’ve ever seen a picture that illustrates an article in a magazine, that was an example of ‘editorial’ modeling. All types of models are needed and in general, there are no height or weight restrictions. All you need to do is ‘fit’into whatever the art director envisions.


Do you think that all the people featured in company annual reports really work for that company? Most of them (except for the board of directors) are models. All types are needed, as long as you fit into whatever that corporate mode is.


      Parts Modeling

Just as it sounds, parts modeling is where only one part of your body (hands, feet, hair, etc.) is photographed. This is a very specialized type of modeling, and depending on the part, can be in great demand.



There are many different kinds of figure modeling. You might find work as a subject for art classes, or for a specific artist or photographer. For portrait work, you will probably be dressed. For a lot of other work, probably not. For art classes, expect to be paid between $10/$25 dollars per hour, regardless if the work is nude or not. Private sittings command a bit more, but the average is probably still around $25/hr.

In general, for any of the above, you need a perfect complexion, no scars, no piercings and no tattoos.


This is a wide open category that is subject to individual interpretation.  Glamour can include all of the above categories.  The difference is instead of the emphasis being on clothing, a product or a setting, the subject is the model herself.

Height, weight and other factors are secondary to the total look of the modelin the context that the photographer is planning to shoot her in.  Tattoos and piercings are tolerated and in some cases maybe encouraged.  In general, nudity is a requirement.